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  • Apr
    06 - 07
    Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Apr
    03 - 03
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Mar
    31 - 05
  • Mar
    14 - 15
    Kigali, Rwanda
  • Mar
    09 - 12
    Lusaka, Zambia

    African Union Commission (AUC) – The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) – Africa Development Bank (AfDB) - United Nations Economic Commission of Africa (UNECA) – African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) – Regional Economic Communities (RECs) Coordination meeting

  • Mar
    03 - 04
    Nairobi, Kenya

    IPE Global is working with the ACBF to organize the Africa Regional Conference 2016 on ‘Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women through Knowledge Partnerships’ in Nairobi, Kenya on 3-4 March, 2016. The Conference aims to discuss the potential for building and consolidating partnership between India and Africa for economic empowerment of women at national, regional and inter-continental levels.

     Spread over two days, the proposed Conference themes are:

    1.Women Empowerment and the Global Agenda

    2. Women Empowerment: Policies and priorities with focus on African region.

    3.Empowerment through market linkages and financial inclusion

    4. Capacity building of women for livelihood options: sharing of experiences

  • Mar
    01 - 02
    Alisa Hotel, Accra, Ghana

    The WATTNet is a network of Think Tanks in West Africa established in September 2015 with the goal of promoting socio-economic and political development in the sub-region through evidence-based research and advocacy. WATTNet seeks to establish a viable sub-regional platform which will enable sustained collaboration among research institutions and think tanks in the region. The goal of WATTNet is to generate quality evidence and knowledge on economic, social and political issues that will feed into national and regional policy formulation

    The theme for the event is ''Transforming West Africa for Inclusive Development''

  • Feb
    04 - 04
    Harare, Zimbabwe

    Breakfast workshop on quarterly review of the Zimbabwean economy organised by ZEPARU

  • Jan
    28 - 28
    ACBF, Harare Zimbabwe

    In November 2015, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) launched the African Think Tank Network (ATTN). Its overarching objective is to provide a platform for information sharing, exchange of ideas, knowledge creation and dissemination, and creating partnerships among think tanks in order to individually and collectively develop evidence-based solutions to the pressing development challenges facing Africa.

    Recognized for its leadership and its experience in creating and supporting think tanks in Africa, the ACBF is facilitating for the second time on behalf of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP), the global city launch of the 2015 Global Go to Think Tanks Index Report with the theme: Why Think Tanks Matter to Policy Makers and the Public. The 2014 Global Go to Think Tank Index Report ranked 9 ACBF-supported think tanks among the top 20 in sub-Saharan Africa. The 2015 launch is taking place in Harare coinciding with launches in approximately 75 global cities around the world.

    The main objective of the event is to participate in the global launch of the 2015 Global Go To Think Tanks Index Report. The specific objectives are to:

    •Share the key findings of the 2015 Global Go to Rankings Report;

    •Exchange viewpoints on why think tanks matter to policy and the public; and

    •Share ideas on the role of ACBF in the development of and support to African think tanks

  • Jan
    25 - 27
    Harare, Zimbabwe

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) will have a Project Launch Workshop in Harare, Zimbabwe from 25-27 January 2016. The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of in-country partners in key African countries to support national/regional development priorities, and accelerate the achievement of the BMGF’s programmatic and policy objectives.


Thomas Kwesi Quartey

ACBF has been granted the status of a specialized agency because of the potential to transform Africa through capacity development.

H.E. Thomas Kwesi Quartey, Deputy Chairperson, AU Commission
Erastus Mwencha

The recognition of ACBF as the African Union’s Specialized Agency for Capacity Development launches the beginning of a new era for capacity building by ACBF, which will require an appropriate level of political commitment and financial support from all stakeholders.

H.E. Erastus Mwencha, Chair, ACBF Executive Board
Lamin Momodou

The remarkable achievements ACBF has registered over the past 26 years is not by accident in our opinion. They have come through hard work, dedication, commitment, purposeful leadership, support from the member countries as well as productive partnership building.

Mr. Lamin Momodou MANNEH, Director, UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa
Goodall Gondwe

Africa needs ACBF as much, probably more now, than at the time it was created in 1991.

Hon. Goodall Gondwe, former Chair of the ACBF Board of Governors and Minister of Finance – Malawi
Ken Ofori Atta

Ghana’s partnership with ACBF is a tremendous blessing for us and therefore the opportunity for Ghana to host the 26th ACBF Board of Governors Meeting is something that we treasure.

Hon Ken Ofori Atta, Chair of the ACBF Board of Governors and Minister of Finance - Ghana